Saturday, August 30, 2014

Top New Web Design Companies: Content Offshore Review

Many businesses that operate online are looking for top web design companies to improve their sites.
Content Offshore is one of the organizations that designs HTML5 websites, landing pages and banners for their clients. It is important to partner with a team that understands how to make your online portal as attractive as a branded physical store.

Content Offshore specializes in creative design and related tasks. They produce the following for their clients:
1. Flash applications
2. Mobile apps
3. Packaging
4. Landing Pages
5. Banners

Marketing campaigns are also offered as one of their digital solutions. They are based in Panama City, Panama and that time zone is ideal when it comes to facilitating the needs of clients in both the East and West Coast. Their team members are advertising professionals who have spent years in the US and Latin America, working in affiliate marketing, lead generation and traditional advertising.

As a top new web design company, Content Offshore has already worked with popular brands. Their clients include the affiliate marketing network Peerfly and affiliate marketing giant Shoemoney, on his PAR program.
Disclaimer: I did not receive sponsorship or payment for writing this review. This article is based on my opinion.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

How to Publish Your Work and Earn from Your Writing- Options for Self Publishing

Have you finished a novella or novel, or maybe a collection of poems that you want to publish? Have you wondered how to go about doing so?

It isn’t easy to write a novel and for some of us, the mere length can be intimidating. Sometimes we aren’t even sure how to begin telling the story we want to tell. Sometimes, once we’ve started, we don’t know what turn to take next in the story. We fight it out until we know what to write next and eventually, we have a completed work.

Then comes the next obstacle; getting the text published. There are many options available to do this. None of them are easy. None of them is guaranteed to bring us sales. None of them comes without hearing the word ‘no’ at some point.

If you decide to self-publish, you should know that the famous author, Zane, also self-published her first book. You can work with print-on-demand companies such as CreateSpace and Lulu. Lulu will accept any file format and does the work of converting the file to Acrobat. CreateSpace only accepts files which are Acrobat ready.

CreateSpace has the advantage of being associated with Amazon. It is owned by Amazon. You can also create an e-book and sell your work as a secure download on the Internet. Check out Clickbank or Amazon Kindle to learn more about handling the commercial side of this.

If you choose to find a publisher, prepare a synopsis of your manuscript to go with your query. If you already have this, read it through again to make sure it is sufficiently descriptive of your work and what makes it special, without being too long.

In fact, your synopsis shouldn’t just be sufficiently descriptive. It should grab the attention of the editor-not by being outlandish but by having the characteristics that the particular editor is interested in.
You’ve spent time writing a good story. Spend the time to ensure that the introduction to that story gives it a chance to be looked at. If you don’t want to work with editors yourself, consider working with an agent.

Benefits of the Linksmart Keyword Discovery Tool: A Google Adwords Alternative

The Linksmart Keyword Discovery Tool is one option to consider if you are looking for good ways to find keywords for your content. Recently, Google stopped offering their Adwords tool and released the new Keyword Planner. This tool might take some getting used to.

Linksmart’s tool can be used to improve engagement on sites that you already publish on. It provides information that helps you keep visitors on your site longer and that in turn increases the chances of visitors taking an action that brings you profit. For example, they are more likely to like your content and become a subscriber, or make a purchase of a product that you offer.

Webmasters sometimes try to improve engagement by changing the design of their site. While this helps, it is not always necessary. There are also instances where you just aren’t interested in altering the code on your website. The Linksmart tool comes in handy here, since it allows you to avoid making changes to the code. However you still reap the benefits in terms of how well visitors interact with your content.

So What Exactly Does the Linksmart Keyword Discovery Tool Do?
This tool allows you to find out which of the clickable links on your site are performing the best. Many online publishers link pages within their site to each other. For example, a page on blue cheese may be linked to a page on cream cheese. However, you may not be sure how many visitors on the blue cheese page actually click through and go on to the blue cheese page.

Getting information on which links are performing will help you to find new revenue opportunities. If many visitors are interested in clicking a link on Cashel blue cheese, some of them may be interested in buying Cashel Blue Cheese, or getting on an email list that offers them coupons for Cashel Blue Cheese.

The tool was only recently released in the last few weeks of July. Using it will help publishers to better understand which keywords their visitors are interested in. Linksmart's Keyword Discovery tool also provides ideas for which phrases should be linked to and identifies undiscovered opportunities that already exist on the site.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Review of Go Pro 7- Guide for Network Marketing Professionals

The Go Pro 7 guide for network marketing professionals is produced by Eric Worre. This book is available on Kindle, so you can easily get a look inside and see what it is all about. If you are interested in building a network to enhance your career, this guide will show you some of the essential steps that you must take to achieve success.

For many adults nowadays, multilevel marketing (MLM) offers what they have always dreamed of- the chance to earn a solid income. However I do not think that this method of earning money or achieving financial independence is right for everyone. It requires a considerable amount of time spent getting to know prospective partners and some individuals are naturally unwilling to do this.

If you are willing to learn how to do MLM though, this book can show you. It latches onto the fact that many talented people would rather be building a product or figuring out how to deliver a service and don’t want to spend a fair portion of their day investing in partnerships.

Eric Worre has written a guidebook that shows you how to find prospects who might be interested in your product or service. You also learn how to:
  • Build a mutually beneficial relationship with those prospects over time
  • Present your product to them even if you are uncomfortable with the idea of selling
  • Invite them to participate in the program that is helping you earn money and benefit too
Go Pro 7 is 160 pages long. it approaches the multilevel marketing industry in a way that makes the methods involved easier to understand. The writing style is friendly and motivational.

The fact that the information presented is intuitive makes it seem easier for any person, even someone who considers themselves to be shy, to be successful in the sector. If you have been invited to join a network marketing opportunity, reading this may help you get the knowledge and skills that will help you earn a living income or more from doing it.
The link to “Go Pro 7” is an affiliate link and I will earn from any sales generated through it.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Can Disqus Comments Increase Traffic?

Can Disqus comments increase traffic to your blog? Many bloggers use blog commenting as a means of driving traffic to their site. Writers who publish on revenue sharing sites also leave comments on blogs that they frequent. Blogs use different commenting systems, such as Intense Debate, Live Fyre and Disqus.

Is it worth your time to comment on blogs that use Disqus? Will that help with building your brand online? If you read a post on a blog that uses Disqus, should you just read and go without adding to the discussion?

Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0
Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0

Some people are not as interested in leaving comments on blogs that use Disqus because they are often required to create an account and that takes time. However commenting on blogs that use Disqus benefits you in many ways:
1. You are updated when people reply to your comments. This means that you may choose to continue being a part of the conversation without exerting much effort.
2. You get traffic from Disqus referrals. When someone clicks on a link in a comment you made, they go back to your site.
3. You build relationships with other people who are interested in the same topics as you
4. Disqus comments on WordPress blogs are indexed by Google.

Having Disqus comments on WordPress blogs indexed means that when you are involved in a discussion on a particular topic, there is a good chance that someone who is looking for information will find your answer in the search engine results. Google crawls and recognizes these links, even when they are no follow. They are an important part of a link profile that looks natural.

Using Disqus Promoted Discovery is another way that blog owners can get more traffic to their websites. In the Discovery Box, visitors to a blog will usually see content that is related to whatever they are reading. This feature is just one of the benefits of using this commenting platform. As a publisher, you also earn when visitors click on a link in the discovery box that is paid for by a sponsor.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Distinguishing Yourself by Positioning Your Brand in the Market

Distinguishing yourself from the other competitors in your market gives you a greater opportunity to profit. It is important to figure out what makes your organization different from your competitors.

KCS Brands Logo
KCS Brands Logo-via Wikimedia, CCA 3.0
Profitable companies are usually able to select at least one thing that makes them different from the others in their niche. They may really think, for example, that they have the best tasting soda out there and their loyal fans will probably agree. This is a distinguishing point and if they don’t realize that, they may change the taste of their product and suffer for it.

If you don’t know what makes you stand out, you will not be able to build on it well. You must understand why customers favor you over competitors. Most of the time, it’s not just about price. Yes. Clients do prefer to pay what they consider a fair fee for products and services.

However businesses that stand out usually have something else to offer as well. Figure out what makes you a winner and you will be able to lay the groundwork for much more growth in the future. You will be able to position your brand in a way that makes it hard to beat.

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The Importance of Marketing Your Small Business on Social Networks to Increase Sales

Success in marketing your business will lead to an increase in sales. If no one is visiting your brick and mortar business, no one will make use of your services or buy anything, so you won’t earn any money. The same thing applies when you are considering an online business. If no one visits your website and sees what you have to offer, you won’t make any sales.

Small businesses can sometimes be guilty of not taking steps to build their brand and make their name known among the people who would form their target market. Quite a few small and micro business persons offline rely solely on word of mouth to bring foot traffic to their enterprise.

Those that operate online may be aware of social networks such as FaceBook and Twitter but they do not all use these networks to their advantage. They may instead assume that only organizations with large budgets can really maximize the potential of these sites. However this is where they are mistaken.

The power of social media lies in its reach. Whether you have a large or a small business you can effectively utilize social networks to bring traffic to your site. You can build a loyal community around your brand that will offer feedback to you and spread the word about you to the people they know.

Social networks
Social networks-via Wikimedia, CCA 2.0

I like to think of this as guided word of mouth. You create a profile on a social network such as Twitter and through that profile, have a representative of your company interact in a real way with the people who are interested in your products or services.

Instead of just sitting and waiting for visitors to come by and engage with your brand, you actively go out and build a community of people who are eager to share the positive experience that they have with your brand, through your representatives.

Once you develop a system for doing this, your efforts at reaching people who may become clients will reap rewards. Marketing plans may sound intimidating but they are all about developing an effective way of making people aware of your brand. A good marketing plan will also lead to consumers preferring to do business with you whenever they have a need that your small business provides.

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