Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Importance of Marketing Your Small Business on Social Networks to Increase Sales

Success in marketing your business will lead to an increase in sales. If no one is visiting your brick and mortar business, no one will make use of your services or buy anything, so you won’t earn any money. The same thing applies when you are considering an online business. If no one visits your website and sees what you have to offer, you won’t make any sales.

Small businesses can sometimes be guilty of not taking steps to build their brand and make their name known among the people who would form their target market. Quite a few small and micro business persons offline rely solely on word of mouth to bring foot traffic to their enterprise.

Those that operate online may be aware of social networks such as FaceBook and Twitter but they do not all use these networks to their advantage. They may instead assume that only organizations with large budgets can really maximize the potential of these sites. However this is where they are mistaken.

The power of social media lies in its reach. Whether you have a large or a small business you can effectively utilize social networks to bring traffic to your site. You can build a loyal community around your brand that will offer feedback to you and spread the word about you to the people they know.

Social networks
Social networks-via Wikimedia, CCA 2.0

I like to think of this as guided word of mouth. You create a profile on a social network such as Twitter and through that profile, have a representative of your company interact in a real way with the people who are interested in your products or services.

Instead of just sitting and waiting for visitors to come by and engage with your brand, you actively go out and build a community of people who are eager to share the positive experience that they have with your brand, through your representatives.

Once you develop a system for doing this, your efforts at reaching people who may become clients will reap rewards. Marketing plans may sound intimidating but they are all about developing an effective way of making people aware of your brand. A good marketing plan will also lead to consumers preferring to do business with you whenever they have a need that your small business provides.

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