Saturday, August 23, 2014

How to Publish Your Work and Earn from Your Writing- Options for Self Publishing

Have you finished a novella or novel, or maybe a collection of poems that you want to publish? Have you wondered how to go about doing so?

It isn’t easy to write a novel and for some of us, the mere length can be intimidating. Sometimes we aren’t even sure how to begin telling the story we want to tell. Sometimes, once we’ve started, we don’t know what turn to take next in the story. We fight it out until we know what to write next and eventually, we have a completed work.

Then comes the next obstacle; getting the text published. There are many options available to do this. None of them are easy. None of them is guaranteed to bring us sales. None of them comes without hearing the word ‘no’ at some point.

If you decide to self-publish, you should know that the famous author, Zane, also self-published her first book. You can work with print-on-demand companies such as CreateSpace and Lulu. Lulu will accept any file format and does the work of converting the file to Acrobat. CreateSpace only accepts files which are Acrobat ready.

CreateSpace has the advantage of being associated with Amazon. It is owned by Amazon. You can also create an e-book and sell your work as a secure download on the Internet. Check out Clickbank or Amazon Kindle to learn more about handling the commercial side of this.

If you choose to find a publisher, prepare a synopsis of your manuscript to go with your query. If you already have this, read it through again to make sure it is sufficiently descriptive of your work and what makes it special, without being too long.

In fact, your synopsis shouldn’t just be sufficiently descriptive. It should grab the attention of the editor-not by being outlandish but by having the characteristics that the particular editor is interested in.
You’ve spent time writing a good story. Spend the time to ensure that the introduction to that story gives it a chance to be looked at. If you don’t want to work with editors yourself, consider working with an agent.

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