Saturday, August 23, 2014

Benefits of the Linksmart Keyword Discovery Tool: A Google Adwords Alternative

The Linksmart Keyword Discovery Tool is one option to consider if you are looking for good ways to find keywords for your content. Recently, Google stopped offering their Adwords tool and released the new Keyword Planner. This tool might take some getting used to.

Linksmart’s tool can be used to improve engagement on sites that you already publish on. It provides information that helps you keep visitors on your site longer and that in turn increases the chances of visitors taking an action that brings you profit. For example, they are more likely to like your content and become a subscriber, or make a purchase of a product that you offer.

Webmasters sometimes try to improve engagement by changing the design of their site. While this helps, it is not always necessary. There are also instances where you just aren’t interested in altering the code on your website. The Linksmart tool comes in handy here, since it allows you to avoid making changes to the code. However you still reap the benefits in terms of how well visitors interact with your content.

So What Exactly Does the Linksmart Keyword Discovery Tool Do?
This tool allows you to find out which of the clickable links on your site are performing the best. Many online publishers link pages within their site to each other. For example, a page on blue cheese may be linked to a page on cream cheese. However, you may not be sure how many visitors on the blue cheese page actually click through and go on to the blue cheese page.

Getting information on which links are performing will help you to find new revenue opportunities. If many visitors are interested in clicking a link on Cashel blue cheese, some of them may be interested in buying Cashel Blue Cheese, or getting on an email list that offers them coupons for Cashel Blue Cheese.

The tool was only recently released in the last few weeks of July. Using it will help publishers to better understand which keywords their visitors are interested in. Linksmart's Keyword Discovery tool also provides ideas for which phrases should be linked to and identifies undiscovered opportunities that already exist on the site.

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