Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Flipping Websites- How much Can You Earn by Selling a Site?

How much Can You Earn by Selling a Site?

A site generally sells for at ten times what it generates in advertising revenue each month. This means that a site that earns $45 per month would typically be sold for $450. That’s $450 in your pocket upfront after just a few hours of work. If you have other products, such as ClickBank products, being sold on the site, your earning potential is even greater.

How Much Experience Do You Need?

If you already publish profitable articles online, you have all the experience you need. Find topics you like to write about and are knowledgeable in. These topics should have a good record when it comes to how much you normally earn from them per ad click, the number of visitors you get and the number of times in a month that people click on the ads.

Earn Extra Income While Working Full Time

If you typically write five articles in a day, you can see that you could easily build a mini niche site in just a day or two, even while working a full time job. This is one way to earn big money online while working at something else for most of your day.

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